Painting and Decorating

Painting and Decorating

Environmental Art

Painting originated from the need to preserve and protect against atmospheric and other outside influences. The desire to personalise then introduced decorating, where colours and styles are mixed to suit individuality. Traditionally using paints, wallpaper, brushes and rollers, today’s painting and decorating offers so much more choice.

Whether you need advice on coatings for non-slip flooring or fire protection, Tochra can specify the most suitable products. Experts in their field, they explain long-term usage, on-going maintenance requirements and British Standard procedures. The design and construction of components is also considered, making it possible to maximise coating performance. Good working relationships within the industry also allows clients to benefit from the most cost effective solutions.

Using a comprehensive range of high performance coatings, protection and decoration of building surfaces can be offered for both interior and exterior areas. Embracing the most innovative technology they can also advise and the newest products and methods of application. One method includes high volume low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers. Light and mobile the system offers a greater degree of precision and control than can be achieved by airless & conventional systems. It saves time and can be used on-site, at home and in offices. The controlled flow of paint also means there is very little over spray and it is ideal for a variety of interior and exterior jobs, including finishing coats on joinery, providing a high quality finish.

Despite modern technology, the key to a good quality finish is preparation of surfaces. Technical expertise combined with the knowledge of abrasives, filler, primers and different types of finishing coats means clients can expect quality from start to finish.

Flexible in Approach

Based in South East England, Tochra predominantly work in Kent, Essex, Sussex and London. As well as benefiting from local trustworthy and qualified employees, Tochra also have a reliable network of subcontractors. This makes it possible to take on projects anywhere in the UK. Their flexible and innovative approach also means clients can expect a high quality finish.


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